About greyhounds & galgos

A gentle ‘couch potato’


Greyhound dog resting

Greyhounds and galgos (Spanish greyhounds) are non-aggressive, submissive and highly intelligent.

They’re also prone to lounging around!

They demand very little apart from some company, a soft bed, a walk, warmth and adequate food. As with any pet, veterinary supervision is also needed.

Perhaps these are just a few of the reasons why more and more people are choosing greyhounds as pets.

What else makes them special?

Greyhounds are sighthounds and their schooling for the track teaches them to chase small furry animals. When outside they must be kept on a lead. Fortunately, they are well mannered and rarely pull. And, with love and patience, they’re easily trained.

Most greyhounds love the company of other dogs and many live happily with cats. Greyhounds are adaptable and also do well in loving family homes.

Of course, greyhounds love nothing better than to stretch their legs for a quick sprint… And how incredible they are to watch!

Noble hounds

Up until the 19th century, greyhounds were the dogs of noblemen. Commoners were not permitted to own a greyhound and it was once a capital offence to kill one.


So, what changed?

The introduction of oval track racing in the 1920s debased greyhounds and today they are at the mercy of a gambling industry.  The bookmakers have been making annual profits in the order of £200m from greyhound racing.  Greyhounds are now mostly viewed as cash machines, not the noble creatures they truly are. Greyhound Compassion wants to see this change.