Violet – the Poster Girl for the Injured Greyhounds

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Violet was rescued from greyhound racing at the age of 2.5 years with an unhealed broken nose and 62 races behind her.  Now she promotes greyhounds as fantastic pets and companion animals.  See how she is working for the less fortunate….

Violet is a hard working greyhound.  Marilyn Roberts adopted Violet when her niece spotted that she was available for adoption.  Marilyn is a dedicated and industrious fund-raising volunteer for Greyhound Compassion.  Violet plays a key role in this work close to their home in Shropshire.  Violet goes to every fund-raising stall and Meet & Greet.  She is the poster girl for rescued and injured greyhounds.  A couple of months ago while Marilyn and her husband were walking Violet and their other dogs, a man in a car stopped and shouted across the road to Marilyn’s husband, “I’ve got a Greyhound too, what fabulous pets they make, I love them”,  then he saw Marilyn following a little bit behind with Violet and said, “I know who you are now, I remember Violet, I chatted with you at a fundraiser and was so impressed that we went and adopted our greyhound 2 weeks later”. People never forget Violet. She has a character just like ‘Calamity Jane’ and is an absolute clown. Violet has done so much for greyhounds and has helped quite a few get their forever homes.

Violet & two young volunteers for Greyhound Compassion

Violet & two young volunteers for Greyhound Compassion

Violet is so special because she has a deformed nose which resulted from a break left to heal without veterinary intervention.  It seems that when she was a baby in the training kennels, she got her nose shut in one of the kennel doors and this broke her nose.  Violet was raced with the neglected injury. Marilyn adopted Violet when she was just over 2.5 years old so she had not been racing for too long but had 62 races in her short career.  When Violet is out on the streets and at events promoting the plight of the racing greyhound, people can see firsthand how injuries are dealt with.

Violet - dog tired after a Greyhound Compassion fund-raiser

Violet – dog tired after a Greyhound Compassion fund-raiser

Violet lives with Marilyn, her husband and their four other greyhounds.  One of them, Jessie, was rescued from a terrible greyhound breeding facility, now closed thankfully.  She was so injured that she had a terrible job just to sit down.  She was “retired” at 2.5 years old and research into her background showed that she had been officially recorded as “deceased”.  Marilyn rehabilitated Jessie so that she settled well into her home.  She had to have an eye removed last November due to cancer and has been on treatment for chronic arthritis for the past 12 months and she reached 12 years old this month. Laura is also part of the gang.  She raced in Scotland.  She was quite traumatised and has an ongoing eye problem. Zeus also lives with the crew and he has been a calming influence on Miguel who was the wild child galgo!

Violet - works hard for Greyhound Compassion

Violet – works hard for Greyhound Compassion

Every day Marilyn looks at Violet and silently thanks God for letting her share Violet’s life.  Marilyn is so privileged to be her guardian and to think she adopted her because no one else wanted her.


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