Two Investigations Reveal Why Reform of the Welfare of Racing Greyhound Regulations (2010) is Necessary – support the campaign

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The Racing Greyhound Regulations (2010) are under review in 2015. This is a unique opportunity to catalyse the desperately needed wholesale change. Two undercover investigations reveal why reform is necessary….

A big thumbs up to the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) and the DogsTrust. Their recent undercover investigations provided evidence that the government has to change the Welfare of Racing Greyhound Regulations to favour the greyhounds.

LACS details its findings in its Summer edition of “Protect”. LACS presents evidence of racing greyhounds living in dreary conditions at a greyhound trainer’s kennels with “no opportunity for exercise, enrichment, outdoor access or visual contact with other dogs”. Their investigator also filmed a greyhound tied to a moving treadmill and forcibly exercised on a steep incline. If the dog did not keep moving, it would have been strangled. A Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) licensed owner and trainer told the LACS investigator how the licensed tracks regularly run unfit or injured dogs in order to make the numbers for the Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Services (BAGS racing). This echoes what we have heard from a greyhound vet that 10% of greyhounds on every track are carrying injuries before they start. The trainer admitted “lots of fiddling with microchips” in the racing industry here. Apparently the chips are swapped easily between the greyhounds because the chip “is just under the skin”. He added that many retired greyhound are shipped to Turkey and Pakistan where they continue to be raced or are returned to Ireland for hare coursing.

Greyhound Compassion at Wheathampstead Village Day

Greyhound Compassion at Wheathampstead Village Day

Similarly the DogsTrust carried out a three month investigation into greyhound training kennels in the UK. The results reveal that there is “a clear need for an independently monitored inspection scheme and legislation to be brought in to cover the conditions in which greyhounds are housed in off-track kennels”. Of the trainers the DogsTrust visited, three kept greyhounds in extremely poor conditions needing urgent attention. The remainder all had areas needing improvements. The DogsTrust was indeed evaluating the facilities against the GBGB’s own rules and the Boarding Establishments Act. You can read the full report here

The statutory review of the Welfare of Racing Greyhound Regulations (2010) started in March 2015. The next stage will include a public consultation. It is expected to take place imminently. All of us who want to see an end to greyhound suffering within greyhound racing should submit our views. Greyhound Compassion has enquired via the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare exactly when the consultation will happen and we will let you know. We encourage you to keep an eye on the our website as well as the LACS and DogsTrust websites for further information.


Blanca – now in safe hands

We echo the LACS’ call for:

  • Public disclosure of injury data from greyhound tracks on a quarterly basis
  • Greyhound passports to enable the tracking of every dog from birth to death
  • The rehoming of all greyhounds bred for racing. Healthy greyhounds should never be euthanised
  • A licensing system for greyhound breeders and a joint initiative between Britain and Ireland to tackle the overbreeding and trade in greyhounds
  • An independent regulatory body to oversee greyhound racing which includes representatives from animal welfare organisations. This body should be required by law to disclose information on greyhound welfare at national and track level as well as details of all regulatory and enforcement activity within the industry.

Please lobby your MP and be prepared to submit your views to the public consultation. Watch this space….


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