Take action to stop exports of Irish greyhounds to China

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Ireland has exported 9 greyhounds to China to race at Macau greyhound racetrack in the last couple of months.  Please sign Grey2KUSA Worldwide’s petition to stop the exports.  The petition needs about 2,000 signatures to take it to 150,000.

We were really disheartened to receive an appeal about the same issue from ARAN last week. ARAN has called for all greyhound advocates to press the Irish Agriculture Minister, Simon Coveney, to act swiftly to ensure legislation is brought in that makes it actually illegal to transport any more greyhounds to China.

Three greyhounds registered with the Irish Greyhound Board were exported to Hong Kong for onward transportation to the greyhound racetrack in Macau in March.  Then, this month a further 6 Irish greyhounds were exported to China for the Macau track.  Here is a video of the poor hounds in transit


Ban the export of Irish greyhounds to China

Ban the export of Irish greyhounds to China


This fills the vacuum left by the Australian exports when Qantas and Cathay Pacific refused to carry Australian greyhounds destined to race in Macau and resurrects the attempt from Ireland to export greyhounds to China in 2011/12. At that time the Irish Department of Agriculture prevented racing dog exports to Asian countries because the plan offered by the  Irish Greyhound Board did not provide sufficient assurance that adequate provision would be made to safeguard the health and welfare of greyhounds in China at the end of their racing life. Grey2KUSAWorldwide’s research shows that no greyhound leaves the Macau track alive and there is no adoption programme.
Please take action:

  1. Please email: Ireland’s Agriculture Minister, Simon Coveney (cc Acting Prime Minister, Enda Kenny) urging him to look into the situation of Irish greyhounds being sent to Macau and to ensure legislation comes into force that makes it illegal going forward.Email: Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney, and be sure to CC’ in Ireland’s acting Prime Minister, Enda Kenny,
  2. Please sign the Grey2KUSA Worldwide petition:
  3. Please tweet the following to Daniel Mulhall, the Irish Ambassador to the UK

Stop the Irish greyhounds being sent to China !!! #racedtodeath @DanMulhall  @IrelandEmbGB

Stop export of Irish greyhounds to China

Stop export of Irish greyhounds to China


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