Scooby Food Appeal: The cost of dog food is a bottomless pit

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We often mention the work of Scooby’s vets and the associated costs which are necessary for the care of all of the animals in the shelter.  But now, we’re appealing to you in case you can help with the food costs for the galgos.

Scooby is sometimes lucky enough to benefit from generous donations of dried or tinned food but unfortunately this is not enough to meet all of the shelter’s needs.  This is why they regularly have to order vans full (tonnes!) of food – usually dried food.

Even considering that a very small part of the order is not always invoiced either because the sack is damaged or the ‘use by’ date is approaching, the due date for the rest of the invoice always arrives…too quickly!

And Scooby’s cashflow means that  they cannot always pay the food bills as punctually as they would like.  This has been the case recently and explains why the shelter’s debt to the food supplier has been increasing and now stands at more than €11,000.  This amount is for all of the dogs and cats in the shelter, not just the galgos and it is for the first 6 months of the year. Dog food costs for the galgos amounts to about €6,600 for Jan – June 2015.

Greyhound Compassion Table Top Sale in aid of Scooby Food Appeal

Greyhound Compassion Table Top Sale in aid of Scooby Food Appeal

Greyhound Compassion’s was lucky enough to receive a donation of £1,000 earlier this month from a UK shelter which is closing down.  Plus our October jumble sale as well as our table at the Vintage & Retro Table Top Sale raised £520.  We will pass this combined donation on to Scooby to go towards the food bill.   Obviously Scooby would like to pay this debt as quickly as possible, so if you can donate even a small amount towards the bill, we’d be very grateful.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Scooby Rescued Galgos

Scooby Rescued Galgos


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