Good news! Scooby ambulance update

Thanks to the generous support of members, Greyhound Compassion has reached an important goal – the purchase of an ambulance for the Scooby shelter in Spain.


This vehicle costs €5,500 and Greyhound Compassion has raised just enough to cover the full amount. The Scooby vet is delighted because it is in good condition and the charity will start to use it immediately.

This is fantastic news knowing that so many galgos are straying and this often results in an influx of pregnant bitches or nursing mothers, and many galgo mixes. As well as being important emergency transport, the ambulance as an operating theatre.

A small autoclave still needs to be bought and Scooby’s existing anaesthetic machine will need to be adjusted.

To raise much-needed funds for the materials and running costs, we will devote this year’s garden lunch party and dog walk which is being held on 17 May at a cost of £10 per head). It’s estimated that a year’s worth of suture costs around £1000 and Greyhound Compassion would like to buy some.

The purchase of the ambulance is fantastic news, so thank you once again for your donations. We realise that fundraising is hard: trying to sell things, make things, store things, hold lunch/tea parties and shake the tin. Sometimes it felt like it was slow-going, but one thing’s for sure – we’re now on the road to making a massive difference with this new project!

With thanks,

Greyhound Compassion




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