Project3000 for the Scooby Shelter

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Are you kindly donating towards Project3000 for Scooby and not receiving your Scooby newsletter?…..

The “Project3000″ fund continues for Scooby. This was set up to help Scooby in its hour of need when the local council withdrew its contribution of €3,000 per annum. It started out when a Scooby Facebook group topped 700 members. We thought if each member could pledge £5 a month, we’d easily recoup the €3,000. The project has been well received and has boosted funds for Scooby. The local council is steadily contributing some money again to the local stray problem but nowhere near enough. Many donors have kindly continued to pay £5 per month into the Greyhound Compassion bank account. We are grateful for this. We pool the donations and then transfer them Scooby. Donors then receive a Scooby newsletter. There are some donors we cannot identify and, we suspect, are not receiving the newsletter. If this applies to you, please let us know so that we can restore your details to the mailing list. Please email: greyhound or  THANK YOU

Scooby Galgo Mix Puppies (photo courtesy of

Scooby Galgo Mix Puppies (photo courtesy of



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