Marc Abraham judges Greyhound Compassion fun dog show

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We were really honoured to have Marc Abraham judge our fun dog show. It was a perfect day for the hounds. Marc helped us work hard to raise awareness about the plight of the racing greyhounds. We are grateful to St. Paul’s Walden Parish for inviting Greyhound Compassion to their fun day and hosting the show…. 

There were some really lovely dogs in the ring. Louie the lurcher won “Best Rescue” and the “Fancy Dress”. Ginny (at age 14) won “Best Veteran”. There were some dubious legs in “Best 6 Legs” and lots of wagging tails in the “Waggiest Tail”.

Ginny - "Best Veteran"

Marc Abraham with Ginny – “Best Veteran” (age 14)

Marc is a renowned vet. All of us who have pets are very comforted to have the vital expertise of a vet to which we can turn. Not all of the greyhounds and galgos we raise funds for have this luxury in their early years before they are rescued. Yet what has impressed us about Marc is that he has taken on one of the biggest welfare issues in the UK, probably globally: The excessive and unscrupulous breeding of dogs and cats. Marc is leading PupAid, the campaign to end puppy farming in the UK. In addition Marc devotes his time to volunteering practical help as a vet in the UK and internationally. It is not surprising that he won ‘Vet of the Year’ CEVA Animal Welfare Awards in 2014.

When interviewed at the fun dog show, Marc called for independent regulation of the greyhound racing industry as an outcome of the government’s ongoing review of the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations (2010). This is so important. Transparency about breeding, import/export, transport, kennelling, injuries, retirement, rehoming and euthansia has to be introduced.  There should be full public disclosure of all regulatory and enforcement activity within the industry. There should be a system that allows tracking of every dog from birth so that the enigma of thousands of missing dogs can be ended.

Greyhound Compassion Fun Dog Show

Greyhound Compassion Fun Dog Show

This call came in a week when the DogsTrust published their investigation into and covert filming at 9 greyhound trainers’ kennels. The report strengthens the argument that self-regulation is not working. Conditions in at least three of the trainers’ kennels would, in the opinion of the investigators, severely breach both Greyhound Board of Great Britain minimum standards Rule 212 and CIEH Guidance on Animal Boarding Establishments Act 1963.

The fun dog show as a valuable event for the greyhounds, supported by many people and breeds who came together to push for change for greyhounds.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their help to make the show a success, we raised £300.51 for the greyhounds and galgos.

Greyhound Compassion Fun Dog Show

Marc Abraham judges Greyhound Compassion Fun Dog Show


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