LAW saves greyhound from horrendous cruelty

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LAW recently rescued a greyhound from the most barbaric cruelty. He had suffered third degree burns from boiling water. (This is the least worst picture because the injury is so gruesome). The kennel owner said he threw boiling water in the kennels to kill snails and the burns were an accident.

LAW greyhound rescue

The kennel owner did not act immediately and did not provide any emergency treatment. The wound became infected but Limerick Animal Welfare’s vet quickly administered pain relief and intensive medical care. Soon, he was comfortable in a fresh bed. It’s going to take more than a month of bandaging and treatment to get him well, but he is getting great care from LAW’s vet who loves the hounds.

Fortunately, Greyhound Compassion had the funds available to contribute to the poor greyhound’s costs. GC has transferred a donation to LAW and hopefully this will fund a full recovery. Let’s hope and pray that we are soon posting pictures of him wagging his tail or reclining on a sofa in a loving home.


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