Greyhound Compassion volunteers lend helping hands to Scooby shelter

In May, five Greyhound Compassion volunteers headed to Spain to help out at the Scooby shelter in Medina del Campo. They joined the small Scooby team along with fellow volunteers from Holland and the USA. Here, Lucinda shares a bit of what they go up to, showing why your support is so vital…

galgo rescued stolen

We were overwhelmed by the scale of the rescue and numerous galgos and galgo mix puppies in the shelter. One poor puppy, Lulu, had been rescued from the streets and survived against all odds, while her siblings had unfortunately passed away.

We were shocked to come across two galgos who had been stolen from their galguero owners, had their respective microchips gouged from their necks and, once past their usefulness for hare coursing, were subsequently abandoned and thankfully rescued by the Scooby team.

Microchip dug from neck of galgo

There was the gentle female galgo who was underweight and would only accept her food by hand, yet knew exactly her own mind and had her carers under control!  She is gaining weight and making good progress.

There is no shortage of demand for the ambulance Greyhound Compassion was able to donate a month or so ago thanks to the generosity of our supporters. We were really pleased to see the vehicle parked up at the shelter. One of our jobs was to clean it from top to bottom and inside out.

Our usual kennel cleaning jobs also extended to a spring clean and redecoration of the corridor in the main shelter building and quarantine. Thanks to a generous donation, we were able to buy enough blue paint to cover 14 doors and the big double door into the quarantine kennels.

redecorating Scooby shelter blue

What a coincidence to learn that this month’s copy of Homes & Gardens revealed that blue is very much in vogue.  We always knew Scooby was a trendsetter in more ways than one!

The team photo below shows the volunteers with the two Spanish vets taking care of a black female galgo rescued the day before from the pound. We now need to stock the ambulance with suture material which costs around €18 per pack.There are hundreds of galgos to neuter each year also.

Volunteers team Scooby May 2015

Our next steps are to try to raise funds towards these high costs for Scooby. Will you help?

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