Greyhound Compassion Launches Sponsor A Hound Scheme

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We have decided to launch a Sponsor A Hound Scheme to raise some funds for a five of greyhounds and galgos because they cannot be re-homed and will need special care or on-going medical treatment.

Laura and Rocio are Spanish galgos living at Scooby, Medina.  Freya, Pandora and Apollo are greyhounds in the shelter in Lincolnshire.

If you are stuck for what to buy for your friends and family for Christmas, why not sponsor Rocio, Apollo, Freya, Laura or Pandora for them? They are all loving and deserving dogs. Rocio and Laura sadly suffer from the parasitical disease Leishmaniasis, Freya is too frightened to settle in a home and is dearly loved by her carers in the rescue, Pandora and Apollo are the best of mates, both big and strong and don’t want to be separated.

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Rocio

Refined – Rocio

Rocio shares the sofa with Laura in the conservatory cum sun lounge of the Scooby manager’s bungalow at the shelter. Rocio was very frightened and fragile when rescued. She is quite slight and was very skinny when she first came to Scooby.  Like Laura, Rocio has Leishmaniasis but her blood tests are good. Both Laura and Rocio have become the manager’s shadow.

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Laura

Lovable Laura


Laura is an elderly lady who was rescued from a galgo collector in 2007. She lives in comfort at the Scooby shelter in the manager’s bungalow. She sadly suffers from Leishmaniasis nowadays and has lost the sight in one eye. But this does not stop her competing for the sofa with Rocio!



Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Freya

Shy Freya

Freya was rescued from greyhound racing in the UK.  She suffered a terrible trauma which means she cannot be rehomed from the Lincolnshire shelter.  She now lives a life of luxury and has come to trust her carers at the shelter.  She plays happily with them but cannot face the rest of the world.




Pandora is a lovely girl who has been in rescue for a few years.  She is extremely strong.  Pandora is

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Pandora

Pretty Pandora

a pretty girl who enjoys her food but likes a kiss on the head before eating!  If you forget to kiss her, then you will find she forgets to eat!  She needs someone very experienced to take on such a strong girl.  She feels safe in the kennels and needs to be rehomed with her kennel mate, Apollo, who is even bigger.  It is taking some finding but it would be too much for both of them to split them up.



Apollo is a blue and white brindle. He came into rescue with Pandora and he is very sweet and loving, though very strong to walk. Again, he also loves his food but Apollo being a boy is swayed by treats. Even though he is such a big lad he relies on Pandora. They have their own beds but often share one!  He loves a cuddle!

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Apollo

Affectionate Apollo


You can sponsor one of them for just £2 per month or an annual payment of £24. You or the recipient of your gift adoption will receive a certificate an annual update on their progress, plus a couple of little surprises during the year.


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