Dungarvan Rescue Retires

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There are no words to pay tribute to Mary Organ of Dungarvan Rescue but we’re going to try! Mary is a formidable lady with limitless compassion, drive, empathy, courage, tenacity and expertise. Mary rescued so many dogs, German Shepherds, Greyhounds, Lurchers and many, many other mixes and breed types. All of them were needy in the most extreme circumstances.

Mary was always perfectly comfortable about speaking out against the racing industry and perpetrators of cruelty. She managed this admirably without putting any rescue mission or dog in jeopardy. Never scared to convey the truth.

We came to know her personally when she rescued our lovely black lurcher, Spirit, who was saved from a fate worse than death with bailing twine embedded in and tightening around her oesophagus. Spirit survived thanks to Mary giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation, the ultimate skill of the vet stitching her almost fully severed neck, and Spirit’s own spirit (now you know how she got her name!). After her rehabilitation she became famous for her literally “warm licks”. Without Mary she would not have survived like so many other dogs saved and transformed by Mary’s hands-on care.

Mary worked tirelessly for the dogs in her rescue. She ran it single-handedly and the facilities were a reflection of Mary’s perfectionism for the welfare of the hounds living there.

We were, of course, sad to hear that Mary would be retiring from rescue. The welfare world’s loss is retirement’s gain and we hope that Mary enjoys what the future brings and wish her the absolute best of health and happiness…. With lots of warm licks!

Spirit - Saved by Mary Organ, Dungarvan Rescue

Spirit – Saved by Mary Organ, Dungarvan Rescue


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