Belushi has passed away

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Belushi, the cheeky chap rescued from the streets, has passed away having suffered kidney failure. Belushi was a long-term Scooby resident who was part of our Sponsor A Hound scheme. Like so many strays in the Medina del Campo area Belushi was a galgo mix: The result of dumped galgos breeding freely with other abandoned dogs, living their early years as a stray before finding a safe haven at Scooby. Poor Belushi had been overlooked by potential homes possibly because he was black. The black galgos are always, for some strange reason, less popular. We’re so sad to have lost him at a relatively young age in the prime of his cheekiness.

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Belushi

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound – Belushi

Belushi’s place will be taken by Neron. Neron is a stunning and regal chap but suffering sadly with Leischmania. Neron was rescued from the streets, having been exploited for one hare coursing season. He will now live out his days with the Scooby shelter manager where he’ll receive full home comforts and his regular medication. Neron is particularly fond of the garden and inspecting the vegetable patch and flowerbeds before reclining in his armchair for his daily siesta.

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Neron

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound – Neron

If you would like to sponsor a Greyhound Compassion hound for yourself or as a gift, please check out Neron, Rocio, Freya, Pandora and Apollo and their stories.


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