Are you stuck for a Christmas gift? Read Pandora, Freya, Rocio and Laura’s message

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If you are stuck for a Christmas gift, you might want to sponsor Pandora and Freya (greyhounds at Greyhound Rescue in Boston) and Rocio and Laura (galgos in Protectora y Sanctuario Scooby in Spain).  They have joined paws to pen a Christmas message to Greyhound Compassion’s supporters.

Thank you so much for sponsoring us for the last year. Pandora and Freya have had a good year and are looking forward to the Christmas dinner mum makes for us all in the kennels (including her famous Yorkshire Puddings)! In the interests of an exchange of information in Europe and before Brexit, we are sending the recipe to Scooby before Article 50 is triggered!

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Pandora

Pretty Pandora

We’ve kept an eye on the work that Dawn, our “kennel maid”, has been up to. She’s always on her mobile organising and arranging. We spotted her unloading quite a lot of donated dog food during the year. This came in a van when there was a big load and in volunteers’ cars when there was less. Apparently it all came from Greyhound Compassion supporters. Thank you for that. It was truly yummy and we did share with the other residents here.

Shy Freya - Greyhound Compassion's sponsor dog

Shy Freya

Even though we can’t be easily homed because we have special needs we have seen a few of our mates skip off with some nice people to live in their homes. The sad part of this is that their kennel space is quickly filled up. Usually the new neighbours arrive on a Sunday morning after their last race on a Saturday night. I hear Dawn, on that mobile phone again, arranging their arrival during the week and then see her getting really comfy bedding ready for them, usually the duvets donated by Greyhound Compassion, along with new soft toys and full food bowl. Nice welcome, ready and waiting for them. Then on the following Sunday morning we hear the trainer arrive with the greyhound or greyhounds their racing owners no longer want. To be honest, the new arrivals love coming here and get settled on that duvet really quickly. They don’t show it but we can see it. They soon know which side their bread is buttered. Then we hear Dawn, on that mobile, talking about them, their characters and particular needs if they have any. We think she’s trying to find them an adoption family. Great for them and it frees up space for our next lot of new neighbours. It’s a never ending stream of greyhounds here, you know.

We are all toasty in the winter though, must say that. Thanks to Greyhound Compassion’s fund-raising, we’ve had our kennels repaired, a new main door to keep the draught out and oil for the heating system, so very cosy for us. Thank you.

Rocio and Laura have really appreciated your support because although we are old bones, not in the best of health with Leishmania, we are lucky to be under the care of Fermin in his house at Protectora y Sanctuario Scooby and often (always) make sure we get the warm spot on his sofa which gives us the perfect viewpoint over the rest of the shelter.

We thought we’d let you know what we’ve observed from our vantage point over the year.

Well, 321 dogs came into the Scooby shelter in January, February and March. Nearly all of these were galgos, like us, abandoned by the galgueros at the end of the hare coursing season. They just stream in day by day in the winter. Thankfully the homers in Europe could help them out. The Scooby van left the shelter nearly every Friday night in the first few weeks of the year to take galgos to new vetted homes in Italy, France, Holland, Finland, Germany and Norway. About 300 left the Scooby shelter which is great but this is all a bit disturbing for our sleep because we hear the full van driving off on a Friday and then hear the empty van returning in the early hours of Monday morning each week. It wakes us up but at least we know that these fellow galgos have found a space on someone else’s sofa. We just hope the home offers in Europe don’t dry up because the shelter is always full and more will come in after Christmas this year.

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Rocio

Refined Rocio

A few of our galgo mates have gone to homes in Spain. This is a big change. We heard Fermin preparing a speech for an adoption group in Boston USA and in his rehearsal he said that the “tide is turning” in Spain and we are becoming gradually accepted as pets and the young people are realising how badly we are treated by the galgueros in the coursing season and the lead up to the annual championship. The rest of the speech was a bit boring but it was interesting to know that he believes in education (hope this means he can teach himself more about abandoned puppies and stop swearing when they chew his shoelaces!) and has hope in the youngsters for bringing about change.

Being quite nosey, We do keep an eye from the sofa on what is going on in the main shelter. We had a bit of a disaster when the main water supply to the shelter broke in the summer. This was drastic because we need really need the water when it’s scorchingly hot and dry. That was soon mended, thankfully. The biggest commotion started in September when we saw builders arriving with their diggers. Took a day or two to work out what was going on, then we heard Fermin on the phone to Greyhound Compassion confirming that the work had started to convert patios 3 and 4 (the biggest in the shelter) into segregated kennels with runs and better insulation. Apparently Greyhound Compassion and “the French” are paying for these works. That’s a huge relief because this is the oldest part of the shelter and in the biggest need of repair. We know the rescued galgos living here will really appreciate this. We’re trying to get a better view of what the decor inside looks like but without leaving any nose marks on the window, don’t want Fermin to know that we’re supervising him and spending most of our time on the sofa!

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Laura

Lovable Laura

Well, thanks again for taking care of all of us. We each have our own special needs. Pandora and her kennel mate, Apollo, have been doing some training to see if they someday can be re-homed together, though it will take a special couple as they are very strong and need understanding and very good handlers. Freya is the main sponsor dog at Greyhound Rescue as she will never be re-homed. She cannot face the outside world because of the abuse she suffered in her racing days. But thanks to her sponsors, she feels so safe and well cared for that she can live a happy and healthy life with no more suffering and not a care in the world. She can just be happy and sing along to the radio all day (Magic, of course) and play out with her toys! Laura and Rocio are both elderly galgos suffering from the parasitical disease, Leishmania, which is kept under control with medication. Both commandeer the sofa in Fermin’s house at the Scooby shelter and banish the other rescues to their own beds on the floor!



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