“30 greyhounds per month killed”

It seems not a month goes past without a story of horrendous greyhound abuse hitting the headlines.

In early April, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that police were investigating allegations of mass greyhound graves in New South Wales. It was claimed that there were at least a dozen such sites.

It followed the discovery of 55 greyhound carcasses near the Queensland city of Bandaberg. The industry has come under scrutiny since an Australian programme was broadcast which showed evidence of live baiting. The practice has been banned and criminalised for decades, but trainers and owners across the country have been using the illegal training method in the belief that it will improve a dog’s performance. If those alleged to be responsible are found guilty they will face heavy fines and up to five years in prison.

The picture for greyhounds isn’t any better in China. Last week, South China Morning Post reported that an animal rights activist exposed the racing industry’s adoption programme at The Canidrome track in Macau as a “sham”, claiming more than 30 greyhounds per month were being killed because they were deemed unprofitable.


The Canidrome in Macau

Albano Martins says new dogs are being imported from Australia, despite a ban on passports¬†imposed by the Greyhounds Australasia Ltd, the industry body. He described the industry as “slavery” and called for the closure of the race track.

In 2012, The Guardian reported that 302 greyhounds were injured at Canidrome in a 10-week period, many suffering multiple injuries, including broken limbs.

Fortunately, there are many charities around the world that help rescue and rehome unwanted greyhounds. Greyhound Compassion works hard to raise funds for rescue centres in the UK and Spain. Without the kindness and support of our members and donors, fewer greyhounds would be rescued.

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