What we do

Greyhound Compassion supports greyhound shelters in the UK, Ireland and Spain. Our work is twofold. We raise awareness of the plight of greyhounds and galgos due to the racing industries, and we raise funds so that we may contribute towards the care of the many thousands that are abandoned, abused and tortured.

Greyhound Compassion "Meet & Greet" in Hertford

Greyhound Compassion “Meet & Greet” in Hertford

Throughout the year, we hold a range of fundraising events, such as flag days, lunch parties, dog walks and a fun dog show.

We also give talks about greyhounds, galgos and the work of Greyhound Compassion to societies, retirement and special interest groups, for example: “Holiday at Home”, Simply Forward, Breathe Easy, Women’s Friendship and  the Women’s Institute.  We are pleased to be invited.  We do not charge a fee and hope that if you like the talk, your group will give a donation.

Greyhound Compassion Presentation to "Holiday at Home"

Greyhound Compassion Presentation to “Holiday at Home”

Whether you’d like to become an organiser, find a bargain at our next sale, or show off your pooch, there’s a way you can get involved.

If you can’t make it to an event, you can still help! Become a Greyhound Compassion member for just £5 and you’ll receive a lapel pin and regular updates about how your support is making a difference.

Where we’re active


United Kingdom

Greyhound Compassion supports Greyhound Rescue in Boston, Lincolnshire. We help with greyhound sponsorship and homing, and also contribute to the development of the shelter.

Every year, the shelter helps dozens of greyhounds return to health and happiness. Many are homed, but some are not. They all have one thing in common, however. When they arrive, they’re in bad shape and in need of expert care, good food, a warm place to sleep, space to roam and, of course, lots of love.

Without the generosity of Greyhound Compassion’s supporters, the shelter’s vital work would be difficult to continue.



Greyhound Compassion supports Limerick Animal Welfare which is run by a small team that works hard to climb the insurmountable mountain of greyhound rescue work they face.

Greyhound Compassion provides funding for dog food, veterinary costs and  kennel maintenance as well as towards the preparation of the greyhounds for transportation to family homes in Italy.

“Greyhound racing brings nothing but misery to the majority of Irish Greyhounds” – Limerick Animal Welfare

The Limerick Animal Welfare team attends greyhound auctions to save many ‘no bid’ hounds and those deemed ‘surplus’ by the greyhound racing industry.

Thanks to Greyhound Compassion’s fundraisers and donors, veterinary and subsistence costs for the greyhounds in LAW’s care can be covered.


In Spain, tens of thousands of galgos (Spanish greyhounds) are bred indiscriminately in the hope of producing one that will become the national coursing champion.

The owners of the galgos (galgueros) keep them in poor conditions while they train them to course the hare. Each winter, at the end of the coursing season, numerous galgos are abandoned because they are of no further use.

Spanish rescuers tell us that tens of thousands galgos are killed each year.  The galgueros then go on to breed more.

The Scooby shelter in Medina del Campo, Spain, rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes as many abandoned and injured galgos as it can. There are often up to 350 galgos at Scooby needing food, shelter and medical treatment.

Scooby Galgos (photo courtesy of http://www.madaboutgreys.com)

Scooby Galgos (photo courtesy of http://www.madaboutgreys.com)

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