Privacy statement

Greyhound Compassion takes data security and protection very seriously. Our legal basis for processing your data is consent and the purpose for processing your data is to communicate with you either to disseminate information about our activities or developments within the field of our charitable objectives, or to appeal for funds as part of our fund-raising initiatives. We also need to process your data if you are a ‘Gift Aid’ donor.

The data we record with your consent may include: title, name, postal address, email address, telephone number, a photograph of you and/or bank account details if you have set up a standing order. In some cases we may also hold your date of birth.

We will take all reasonable steps to hold personal data securely be that with strong password protection, encryption or in a confidential hard copy file in a secure location. If you have consented to providing us with data about you we will transfer it to third parties only where necessary and securely. Third parties may include Greyhound Compassion’s accountant, your bank in the case of a standing order form and/or HMRC if you are a ‘Gift Aid’ donor.

We may also need to pass your data to a volunteer manager of communications or fund-raising initiatives. Being such a small charity without any overheads or fixed assets, we rely on volunteers to manage certain charity processes such as communications or select fund-raising programmes. All volunteers of this nature are informed about Greyhound Compassion’s policy under the General Data Protection Regulation (2016) and keep the relevant files in accordance with the policy.

In the event of a data breach, Greyhound Compassion will inform the affected parties as soon as the Trustees become aware and will advise of the remedial steps being taken to prevent adverse use of the lost data.

If you would like to withdraw the consent you gave us to hold data about you, please email us via our contact form. We act promptly to delete records when you withdraw your consent. If you would like to read our General Data Protection Policy, please contact us.