Our charitable mission


Greyhound Compassion raises money through community fundraising. We provide financial grants to Greyhound Rescue, an independent greyhound shelter in Lincolnshire in the UK and to Limerick Animal Welfare  in Ireland. We also contribute towards the rescue and rehabilitation of the galgos saved by the Scooby shelter in Medina del Campo, Spain.

Greyhound Compassion relieves the suffering of greyhounds and galgos who are in the safety of these shelters.  These rescues are reliant on donations.  They are the end of the line for the greyhounds and galgos they save. In the case of greyhound racing in the UK they are mopping up behind a gambling industry, a bookmaking business which makes about £200m per annum in net profit on the back of the greyhounds. There is nothing glamorous in their work or extravagant at their kennels other than warmth, care and regular comfort for the hounds they accommodate.  They get by on a pittance in stark contrast to the gambling industry leaving them to care for their commodity when its “use by” date has expired.   Seems bizarre to us that the gambling industry and coursing fraternity in Spain have no shame in leaving volunteers who have day jobs and families to raise funds from jumble sales, car boots, tombolas and raffles for their surplus dogs when the Kings Coursing Cup in Spain yields tens of thousands of Euros and UK racing is a multi-million pound industry.  What happened to their corporate social responsibility for their entire commodity?  The negligence is outrageous yet fortunately the rescuers’ love for the dogs is enormous and unconditional.

Greyhound Compassion provides funding towards the maintenance of these shelters’ facilities for the reception and care of galgos and greyhounds who are unwanted by the greyhound racing industry in the UK and Ireland, and the coursing fraternity in Spain.

Greyhound Compassion Trades on St. Albans Market For One Day Only!

Greyhound Compassion Trades on St. Albans Market For One Day Only!

We refer rehoming requests to Greyhound Rescue in Lincolnshire to place greyhounds in loving homes as appropriate.

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