A message from Freya

Our sponsored greyhound Freya sends a message of thanks for 2015…


Well, another year has passed and I have seen my pals come in to the kennels and go to their new homes. I am pleased for them, although I know I will never leave here, I love to see my friends get good homes and be happy and settled…

I am happy here and live life to the full causing havoc whenever I can! As many of you know, I was tried in a home but it didn’t work out as I was so mistreated in my racing kennels that I cannot cope with life away from Karen (my mum), who is the only person who understands me fully… Oh, and Dawn now… I love her because she’s a bit of a nutcase! They know what I need and keep me safe.

We had some sad times this year too, losing our Oscar to cancer who was only eight and then Kenny and Old Archie who passed on the same day at the age of 19. Then we lost our beautiful blue angel Wolfie at the age of 20.

It is so sad for mum and Dawn when this happens but they know when the time comes and they always do the right thing for us, even though it breaks their hearts.

We also lost Big Ben and our sponsor boy Duke the previous year so it has been just awful. We have had a few pensioners in such as the ones mentioned above, but Duke and Oscar were only seven and eight.

My mummy always says that no matter how long she does this job, it doesn’t get easier because she loves us all. We feel this. So, we always try to cheer her and Dawn up by being silly and cheeky and it works!

We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner with ALL the trimmings again last year! Yes… Yorkshire puddings too. Hey, and Dawn got NONE! That was funny. I think she cried! Especially as she had to dish them out to us! I did order a glass of sherry with mine but I never got one. Probably for the best as I can be a little monkey from time to time.

We had some lovely donations of food and bedding and toys from Greyhound Compassion which I would like to thank them for on behalf of all the greyhounds here and mum and Dawn. Also for the kind cash donations as without this I know my mum could not have carried on looking after us the way she has.

Freya Lincolnshire

Freya – Greyhound Compassion’s sponsored dog

Thank you x

Karen Schultz would like to thank Greyhound Compassion for their continued support over the years. We could not have got through without you.


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