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Often, the maltreatment of a dog means they cannot be re-homed. This is the case with some of the hounds we’re helping to look after. But we need your help.

Rocio, Neron, Jack and Pandora all need special care and attention while they live out their lives in the shelters that rescued them – Scooby Medina and Lincolnshire Greyhound Rescue.

Please support them through our Sponsor a Hound Scheme.

For just £2 a month or £24 a year you can sponsor a hound that desperately needs your help. In return, you’ll receive a certificate, an annual update on their progress, plus a couple of little surprises during the year. A Sponsored Hound makes an ideal Christmas or birthday present for animal lovers!

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Alternatively download more information and the sponsorship form to print and post.GC Sponsor a Hound Scheme Jan 2018


Beautiful Brisa - Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound Scheme

Beautiful Brisa

Brisa is an elderly galgo saved with a pack of hunting hounds who were being rented out for boar hunting in Spain.

Brisa  was rescued with a pack of 35 hunting dogs rented out for boar hunting in Spain.  They were severely neglected.  Brisa had Ehrlichiosis and needed regular antibiotics. Brisa is adjusting to living with the rescued geese and ducks and other animals at Scooby.  She is very sweet, quiet and patient. The relief she feels  is immense.

Sponsor Rocio
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Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Neron

Noble Neron

Neron is a regal chap who loves a daily siesta.

Neron is a stunning and regal chap but suffering sadly with Leischmania. Neron was rescued from the streets, having been exploited for one hare coursing season. He will now live out his days with the Scooby shelter manager where he’ll receive full home comforts and his regular medication. He is particularly fond of the garden and inspecting the vegetable patch and flowerbeds before reclining in his armchair for his daily siesta.


Sponsor Neron
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Jolly Jack - Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound

Jolly Jack

Jack was rescued from greyhound racing in the UK. He may have been a “BAGS” dog – one of those poor greyhounds racing frequently at empty dog tracks so that greyhound racing can be streamed 24/7 to high street betting shops or bookmakers around the world.

Jack is a sweetie but needs rehabilitation before he is ready for a home.  He has problems gaining weight and has severe baldness on this thighs.  This stems from the stress of racing and kennel life.  Probably his bedding was paper and sparse on a hard surface, and once wet became coarse for his skin. Now in safe hands, he will respond well to his care programme which includes special food, medication and hands on therapy.

Sponsor Jack
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Pandora is a lovely girl who has been in rescue for a few years.  

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Pandora

Pretty Pandora

Pandora is extremely strong.  She is a pretty girl who enjoys her food but likes a kiss on the head before eating!  If you forget to kiss her, then you will find she forgets to eat!  She needs someone very experienced to take on such a strong girl.  She feels safe in the kennels and very comfortable with her routine.

Sponsor Pandora
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We are sorry to report that Apollo lost the battle to cancer in September 2018

Apollo was a blue and white brindle. He came into rescue with Pandora and he was very sweet and loving.

Greyhound Compassion Sponsor A Hound - Apollo

Affectionate Apollo

He was very strong to walk. Again, he also loved his food but Apollo being a boy was swayed by treats. Even though he was such a big lad he relied on Pandora. They had their own beds but often shared one! He loved a cuddle!

We will have a successor to him on the Sponsor A Hound scheme.  We are waiting for the right greyhound to take his place.

Sponsor Apollo
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