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For every £1 you donate, around 96 pence goes directly to greyhounds and galgos in need.

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The money we raise pays for their shelter, medication and food. With your support, those who care for greyhounds and galgos can carry on their vital daily work, nursing and nurturing these wonderful creatures back to health – and happiness.

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Often, the maltreatment of a dog means they cannot be re-homed. This is the case with […]

Become a Greyhound Compassion member for just £5 and make a huge difference to greyhounds and […]

It may be a cliché, but every little helps. We keep our operating costs very low […]

Volunteers are the beating heart of Greyhound Compassion. Why not join them? We’re friendly, warm and […]

Scooby -greyhound rescue dog donations

Rescued with your help by Scooby, Spain