Where are all the injured greyhounds?

Where are all the injured greyhounds? This is the question many of us are asking. Greyt Exploitations has set up an online petition to ask DEFRA to make it compulsory for the Greyhound Board of Great Britain to publish detailed monthly injury statistics.

At the time of writing, the petition had received 3,724 signatures, but needs another 1,276 to reach the 5,000 target.

Research undertaken by Greyt Exploitations found that at least 40,000 greyhounds have been injured in the past ten years on British tracks. For more than 18,000 greyhounds – many less than two years old – it was to be their last race.


Ricky Gervais & Dame Judi Dench pledge support of galgos

Actors Dame Judi Dench and Ricki Gervais have pledged their support to save galgos in Spain.

Dame Judi Dench supports galgos

A recent article in the Daily Mail (7 January 2015) shows the suffering and torture endured by these beautiful but abused creatures.

The report describes the horror and brutality of the racing industry in Spain, and highlights galgos that have been burned with cigarettes and acid, dumped to die in tunnels and hung from trees.

As members of Greyhound Compassion know, these stories are all too common.


Report: The State of Greyhound Racing in Great Britain

The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has published a joint report with GREY2KUSAWorldwide called The state of greyhound racing in Great Britain: A mandate for change.

The state of greyhound racing in Great Britain

In response to the Seaham killing field of 2006, the government published the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations in 2010 as statutory regulations under the Animal Welfare Act (2006).

They are due to be reviewed this year (2015) and this latest report could not have come along at a better time. Greyhound rescue organisations have long concurred that these regulations are limited in scope and that self-regulation has failed.