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Freya – our sponsored dog

Freya Lincolnshire

Freya, our sponsored greyhound

Freya is our sponsored dog at Lincolnshire Greyhound Rescue. They’ve done all they can to rehome Freya, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Freya was so abused in her racing kennels that she cannot be rehomed and is better off in their long-term care.

As Greyhound Compassion’s sponsor dog, we help to pay for Freya’s care – whether that’s money to go towards her food, or help with veterinary bills.

Thanks to our supporters and members, Freya is now getting the life she deserves. And plenty of much-needed cuddles!

Read Freya’s letter of thanks

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Tess – a grand old lady

Tess, a rescued greyhound

Tess, a rescued greyhound

Tess is a galgo/whippet cross and today she lives in her very own armchair, soaking up the sun in the conservatory of her family home.

But her life wasn’t always so comfortable. She was rescued from a dog ‘collector’ whose collection had grown out of control and reached about 120 dogs left to mingle and fight with each other.

As a result of this environment, Tess is nervous with dogs she doesn’t know but, once she lets you in, she’s very warm and sweet. She is now an elderly lady in very good health at the grand old age of 11.

Tess won’t usually get out of bed for anything less than a pile of Schmackos, but in 2014 she enjoyed the limelight in a publicity photoshoot. Her beautiful face has been helping to raise funds and awareness ever since.

Blue Linda finally enjoys La Dolce Vita

Blue Linda enjoys the good life in Italy

Blue Linda enjoys the good life in Italy


It’s virtually impossible to rehome ex-racers in Ireland because they are not generally considered to be pet dogs. Luckily, there is hope thanks to Pet Levrieri – an association that rehomes some of the greyhounds in Italy.

Blue Linda was one of the lucky ones who made it to a new home. She was transported to Italy by road. The van she travelled in was well equipped, had air conditioning and stopped every couple of hours for food and water. In just a few hours she was able to begin a new, sweet life.

It costs €230 to prepare one greyhound to go to Italy, so Greyound Compassion’s contributions are often used towards these expenses.

Simon – saved after a road accident

Simon, saved by a skilful vet after being abandoned

Simon, saved by a skilful vet after being abandoned

Simon, a blue galgo, was rescued by Cobie from Scooby who found him in the street having been abandoned by his galguero, only to become the victim of a road traffic accident.

Thankfully, Scooby could reach a supportive orthopaedic vet in good time and he was able to save the leg. The injury also compromised veins and an artery so the surgery was complicated and it was not always clear whether or not Simon would keep his leg.

Thanks to the vet’s great skill Simon is going to be okay. Now all that remains is a long period of recuperation and a lot of treatment. Simon is a young galgo and strong, so he has a good chance of a great future.

The colour blue

Simon’s blue colour is not usually associated with galgos, it is usually the colour of a greyhound. This confirms Greyhound Compassion’s long-held suspicions that the greyhounds bought in Ireland for racing in southern Spain are being bred with galgos. We hope Simon will find a loving home soon via Scooby’s rehoming groups in mainland Europe. A welcoming new home will make him forget the trouble he has been through.

Aura – a shining light

Aura on the operating table

Aura – a tale of terrible suffering

Aura, a four-month old galgo puppy, was left for dead in a municipal rubbish bin in Salamanca.

Aura had probably been used as bait in a dog fighting ring and thrown into the dumpster when her injuries became too much. Scooby rescued her and took her to one of their vets in Salamanca. The vet worked hard day and night to save her. She survived for almost five days, but sadly lost her fight for life despite round-the-clock care.

Aura’s rescue went viral. It was published so widely in the local press and on social media that the Scooby office was fielding a constant stream of enquiries from local people about Aura’s progress. There was even an offer of a foster home.

This kind of reaction has never happened before. In the past, Aura’s case would have passed unnoticed by people outside of Scooby. Luckily, the police have said they will investigate Aura’s death. We wait to see the outcome and will report here when we hear more.

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