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Help us give greyhounds & galgos a better life!

Right now, thousands of greyhounds need shelter, food, medicine & love. Together, we can help them.

Greyhound Compassion is a registered charity that raises money for greyhounds and galgos in the UK, Ireland and Spain. We also raise awareness of the breed's plight and the long shadow cast by the racing and gambling industries.

We're passionate about the welfare of these intelligent and gentle creatures and warmly welcome all new members and supporters. Together, we make a real difference to thousands of ill-treated greyhounds, in the UK and beyond.

Join us. Get involved. Change a life.


Save greyhounds & galgos in need

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Who we support

  • Greyhound Rescue, North Yorks & Lincs
  • Limerick Animal Welfare
  • SCOOBY, Spain